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While being one of the largest category leaders in all of the sport, Bauer Hockey gear continues to push technology higher and higher to provide the hockey player the ultimate advantage. For years, Bauer has continued to make their protective equipment lighter while still providing the best protection to the player. This combination of lightness and protection gives the player ultimate confidence to go faster in the play without the fear or equipment failing.

For the hockey player’s foot, Bauer continues to dominate with their specific fit and shapes which fit almost every foot on the market. For the skate category, not only do they lead with their specific fits, but the shape of the steel, ease of replacement and overall quality has continued to push the envelope of their competition. Sticks continue to be a preferential point for any hockey player, and Bauer ensures the best combination of lightness and shooting style for everyone on the ice.

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Bauer Hockey is one of the industry leaders in skate innovation, which is showcased in their Vapor and Supreme lines.  Bauer also has skates for all ages and levels, including recreational skates from youth to adult.

Supreme skates are designed for players who want a powerful stride length and top end speed.

Vapor skates are made for players who want to maximize agility and acceleration.

Bauer offers a skate for a player who is new to hockey and wants a comfortable skate while they learn the game.

Bauer Hockey produces some of the best feeling hockey sticks in the game.  Their options of kick points, flex and feel provides options for all levels.

Vapor sticks have a low kick point and stiff blade to maximize a quick release, with deadly accuracy.

Nexus sticks have increased feel of the puck and a relaxed kick point for players to shoot with confidence in any situation.

The AG5NT utilizes BORON, a material used exclusively for this stick.  With this material, the AG5NT has a unique feel to produce the quickest release a player could ever want.

With layers of research, Bauer produces hockey helmets for all types of players, through all age groups. 

Utilizing unique fit systems and adjustments, Bauer Re-Akt helmets are designed to fit all heads shapes to provide maximum protection.

Coupling tried and true designs with a classic look, Bauer offers mid-priced helmets for recreational players.

Bauer offers three distinct shapes and glove styles for today’s hockey player.  Ranging from a tight fit, to a tapered fit all the way to a wide pro fit, there is a glove for everyone.

With an ergonomic fit and 3-piece flex thumb, Supreme gloves are designed to be the ultimate shooter’s glove.

Vapor gloves have a tapered fit and palms specifically designed to aid stick feel and durability.

Designed for players who prefer a classic “hockey glove”, Bauer’s pro series has a simple palm with a wider fit.

Protecting your gear while you carry it to and from the rink is a priority for Bauer.  Their line of bags ranges from small toiletry bags all the way up to premium travel bags.

With heavy duty materials and multiple interior pockets, Bauer premium bags have a space for all gear needs. Some people prefer all of their gear to be carried in one simple large bag and that’s what Bauer core bags are designed to do.

Bauer New Skate Releases

Bauer Hockey regularly introduces new skates to its product line to meet the changing demands of players and provide the latest in performance and technology. Whether you're a beginner or an elite player, Bauer has a skate option that can help you perform your best on the ice.

Bauer New Stick Releases

Bauer Hockey continues to innovate with its line of hockey sticks, offering players new and improved options for their on-ice performance. Advanced materials, construction techniques, and innovative blade profiles to provide a lightweight, balanced feel and improved shot accuracy.

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Bauer Hockey is a leading manufacturer of ice hockey equipment, including sticks, skates, gloves, helmets, protective gear, and accessories. With a history of innovation and a commitment to producing high-quality, reliable products, Bauer is a trusted brand among players at all levels of the sport.

Rawlings Baseball & Softball Equipment FAQs

Is Rawlings a good brand for baseball and softball equipment?

Rawlings has been producing sporting equipment since 1887 and is currently trusted by professional ballplayers, college fastpitch, and baseball and softball leagues at every level.

What equipment does Rawlings sell for baseball?

Rawlings has been producing sporting equipment since 1887 and is currently trusted by professional ballplayers, college fastpitch, and baseball and softball leagues at every level.

What equipment does Rawlings sell for softball?

Rawlings sells bats, gloves, and several accessories for fastpitch and slowpitch softball.

What is the best Rawlings baseball glove?

Rawlings’ Pro Preferred Series gloves are the top-of-the-line Rawlings gloves worn by elite ballplayers and professionals at the top of their game.

What is the best Rawlings baseball bat?

Rawlings has different lines tailored to varying levels of play. For example, the Velo and Quatro series are both designed to be balanced and meet certification standards at many levels.

What is the best Rawlings fastpitch softball glove?

Due to its durability and deer-tanned cowhide pocket, the Heart of the Hide Series is trusted by fastpitch players at even the highest levels of play.

What is the best Rawlings fastpitch softball bat?

The Rawlings Mantra is a lightweight and powerful fastpitch softball bat that offers power and reliability. It also meets many certification standards for most levels of play.

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