True Hockey Equipment

For decades, True Temper has been at the core of using specific materials and build patterns for hockey sticks. Now, True has taken their designs and put them out under their own name and created more unique feel for the hockey player who appreciates a more unique feel. True builds off of successful designs, lightweight and durability to provide hockey sticks for all players.

Within their hockey gloves, True continues to offer a simple, yet comfortable fit that hockey players can enjoy. While pushing the envelope, True hockey equipment now offers models of gloves that have replaceable palms that make it easy for hockey players to keep the same broken in feel, without the issue of palm durability. Wrapping up their product offering, True also offers a very durable hockey bag that stands up to the rugged travels by using pro level materials for any level of player.

After taking the custom skate world by storm, True Hockey has taken their comfort and connection to a retail skate so you can get their product right off the shelf!

True’s line of Catalyst skate provides dynamic power transfer and super edge control for unmatched agility.

If you are looking for explosive power, superior response, and optimal stability, check out the True HZRDUS skate.

With 2 types of sticks for 2 different types of players True provides both of these styles in a lightweight package with great pop off the blade.

Made for the player who wants pinpoint accuracy and great puck control, the Catalyst line of sticks provides that.

HZRDUS sticks take a lot of crossover from the golf world, but the technology provides ultra-lightweight build and explosive release.

True hockey gloves are renowned for their ergonomic design and high-quality materials, providing players with a comfortable and responsive fit on the ice.

Built with elite comfort and superior mobility, the Catalyst line of gloves provides that with unmatched durability.

True New Skate Releases

True's latest line of ice hockey skates feature an updated design, lighter weight construction, and improved materials for better performance and comfort on the ice, making them a popular choice among players of all skill levels looking to take their game to the next level.

True New Stick Releases

True's latest lines of ice hockey sticks features unique designs that maximize energy transfer, a lower weight construction for improved control, and improved blade technology for more accurate shots, making them a popular choice among players looking to improve their game on the ice.