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Warrior hockey is a popular brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality hockey equipment, including sticks, gloves, protective gear, and apparel. The company was founded in 1992 by former pro player Dave Morrow, and since then, it has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge products that help players of all skill levels maximize their performance on the ice. Warrior hockey has a reputation for using innovative materials and technologies, such as carbon fiber, to create products that are both lightweight and durable.

Warrior offers sticks with low kick points and extremely powerful releases.  Special model lines, like the Novium, provide hyperfocused energy to ensure that pucks pop off the blade.

Specializing in a low kick point the Alpha collection of sticks hones in on that flex point with a combination of lightweight materials and extended blade durability.

Covert sticks are designed for players who want a quick release with maximum power.  This is achieved with lightweight materials and a unique shaft geometry.

The lightest stick collection that Warrior offers, Novium sticks have incredible pop off of the blade, lightest materials and a unique tapered for improved velocity on shots.

Warrior has been making waves in the helmet industry by providing toolless adjustable helmets and impact reducing foams to fit all head shapes.

With a true one-piece shell and adaptfit adjustments, Alpha helmets are designed to reduce weight, increase protection and adjust to any head shape.

Two unique layers of impact absorption foams and a toolless adjustable 2 piece shell, provided great adjustments for all head sizes.

Warrior Alpha hockey protective equipment is designed with high-quality materials and innovative technologies to provide superior comfort and protection to players.

With a low profile and optimized protection, the Warrior Alpha line of shoulder pads will keep you comfortable on the ice.

Maximum protection and maximum comfort is what makes Alpha shin pads so popular.  With specific straps and inner sling wraps, the Alpha shin pads will keep you protected on the ice.

Comfort and protection is the key to the Alpha elbow pads.  A combination of internal sling wraps and specific strapping, these Alpha elbow pads will keep you protected on the ice.

With two models and specific designs in mind, the Alpha gloves are focused on an anatomical fit and the covert gloves are designed for mobility.  With these two options available, Warrior gloves are made for everyone.

The hybrid taper anatomical fit system inside of the Alpha gloves provides pure comfort without sacrificing comfort.  Buttersoft feel and impax foams help provide a broken in feel and high levels of protection.

A contoured shape provides perfect mobility in the Covert line of gloves.  The Impact absorbing foams provide protection while aiding in perfect mobility.

Warrior hockey equipment bags are designed to provide durable and spacious storage solutions for hockey players' gear, with various compartments and pockets to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Warrior New Stick Releases

Warrior hockey newest lines of ice hockey sticks, featuring advancements in blade technology and construction materials. The new sticks offer increased accuracy, power, and control, making them a popular choice for players looking to elevate their game on the ice.

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Warrior hockey's commitment to innovation and quality has made them a favorite among players and fans alike, and their products continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the sport of hockey.

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