CCM Jetspeed FTW Women's Hockey Equipment

The CCM Jetspeed FTW protective was developed from years of thorough global market research, surveying female hockey players of all ages and levels. CCM’s new product line celebrates women’s body-diversity so they can play their game, their way.

CCM’s team of designers, engineers, and product managers studied the needs and preferences of female hockey players all over the world. Not only are women built differently from men, but they are also built differently from one another.

With CCM Jetspeed FTW protective, players can now customize and tune each piece to their liking, around their unique bodies, to ensure a proper fit – without compromising protection,  comfort, or mobility. Combined with the specialized construction of the CCM Jetspeed FTW stick, women and girls of all ages and skill levels will feel confident and secure in their gear.

CCM Jetspeed FTW Hockey Sticks

CCM is proud to introduce, for the first time ever, the CCM Jetspeed FTW stick, designed specifically with women in mind. Engineered with a hybrid kick point, a soft RR-95 blade and round “R” shaft geometry, this stick will provide ultimate feel and response in the most crucial moments of the game. Launching with a unique offering of lengths and flexes to fit women’s needs, the CCM Jetspeed FTW stick is built to bring their game to the next level.

CCM Jetspeed FTW Hockey Protective

Jetspeed FTW Gloves

The CCM Jetspeed FTW gloves are designed with an adapted fit, optimized for women’s hand proportions, ensuring incredible comfort, close-to-the-hand fit, and elite-level protection. Combining CCM’s Aer-Tec Ventilation System that provides ultimate breathability with the Jetspeed FTW glove’s all new fit, you’ll be ready to dangle in and out of any situation.

Jetspeed FTW Shoulder Pads

Designed with CCM’s cutting-edge ADPTFIT 3D adjustability system, the CCM Jetspeed FTW is built to fit you. Featuring Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System to maximize breathability and enhance performance, along with CCM’s other elite features, the CCM Jetspeed FTW packs pro-level tech into fully adjustable protective. Available in adapted Junior sizing, perfected so young women can grow comfortably with their equipment and maintain the right level of protection for their level of play.

Jetspeed FTW Shin Guards & Elbow Pads

Engineered with narrower pro-level shin caps, a length-adjustable calf strap, and new tapered fit, these durable shin guards were made specifically for women’s varying leg shapes and sizes. Paired with the all-new CCM Jetspeed FTW elbow pads that feature a shorter and narrower forearm, extended landing zones and a tapered fit adapted to women’s silhouettes, they’ll be protected against any impact that comes their way.

Jetspeed FTW Pants

The CCM Jetspeed FTW pants are revolutionary in their adjustable design with revised proportions, allowing women to select their pant by waist size, regardless of body type or shape. With an ultra-stretch extendable opening, length adjusting zipper, and pro-level impact protection, these pants will provide unparalleled comfort and fit, without sacrificing protection.

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