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Hockey Replacement Blades

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Hockey replacement blades are designed for players who customize their shaft and blade combination, or for those looking to replace the blade on a two-piece stick. Replacement blades are available from Warrior, Sher-Wood, Bauer, Monkeysports and True. Hockey blades are made for both tapered and standard shafts, so replacement hockey stick blades from your favorite brands are available for either preference. Depending on your model preference, hockey blades can be purchased with different face curves for right or left handed players, allowing you to find a replacement hockey blade that is comfortable and fits your style of play. Replacements can be found for ice hockey blades as well as street and roller hockey use in senior and junior sizes.

What are the best hockey blades?

The best hockey blades right now are Bauer's TUUK blades and STEP Steel, used on CCM and True skates. Both of these brands are used at all levels of hockey, including all the way up to the NHL.

What blades do NHL players use?

Brands like Bauer and CCM will often use their own brand of blades, making them the most common at all levels. However, more and more NHL players are taking advantage of aftermarket blades like Step Steel thanks to their added height and longevity of skate sharpenings

Are skate blades replaceable?

Yes, Bauer, CCM, and True skates utilize holders that allow players to quickly change out their blades on the fly.

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