Warrior Alpha LX2 Bravo LE Senior Hockey Stick

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Built on 20 years of research and know-how, the Warrior Alpha LX2 Bravo LE Senior Hockey Stick is the ultimate stick for the elite player on the ice. Engineered for maximum performance and power with superior construction, the Alpha LX2 Bravo will take your game to the next level and allow you to stand out and dominate on the ice. Featuring an all-new blackout limited edition graphic, it is sure to stand out!

The Warrior Alpha LX2 Bravo features Warrior’s exclusive Saber Taper which provides a stable, powerful, and controlled release with pinpoint accuracy that will catch goalies off guard. Combined with an ergo shaft shape, the Alpha LX2 Bravo fits comfortably and securely in the players hands, enhancing puck feel and giving players the ultimate control they need on the ice.

Built to withstand the demands of the game, the Warrior Alpha LX2 Bravo is using a revolutionary construction called R.L.C 166. Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 166 is a premium-grade construction and uses advanced material selection and processing technologies which allows it to be both extremely lightweight and durable. RLC166 is a combination of the latest in modern carbon composite technologies, using lower weight fibers and thermoplastic-toughened epoxy resin to provide an optimal performance and balance.

Warrior understands the harsh nature of the game and the Alpha LX2 Bravo is designed to be lighter and tougher than ever. The material used for the construction is Warrior’s Minimus Carbon 25 material. The Minimus carbon fiber material used in the construction of the stick provides exceptional durability, ensuring it can take whatever punishment you dish out on the ice. Moving to the blade, the Alpha LX2 Bravo Hockey Stick uses a FuelCore Ultra Blade. This newly redesigned blade features a tougher edge and a more robust carbon fiber rib design. These add extended durability and help the blade resist fatigue and maintain a crisp, responsive feel. Added to this is the Minimus Carbon 25 weave around the core of the blade. This weave allows the blade to be lighter without sacrificing durability. The blade will also have added texture that will increase grip on the puck.

To optimize your playing experience, the Warrior Alpha LX2 Bravo features Apex Grip Texture, which provides an enhanced feel and improved stick handling. This grip technology offers a tacky feel that keeps the stick securely in your hands, eliminating unnecessary distractions and allowing you to focus on the game.

Take your game to the next level with the Warrior Alpha LX2 Bravo LE Senior hockey stick. With its unmatched performance, superior construction, unrivaled durability, enhanced feel, and customizable blade curves, this stick is truly in a league of its own. Dominate the ice and leave your opponents in awe with the Warrior Alpha LX2 Bravo LE Senior Hockey Stick.


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