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Learn about Senior Shoulder Pads

Senior shoulder pads are specifically tailored to cater to the protection needs of adult hockey players, providing both the necessary durability and freedom of movement. As players advance in age and skill, the game becomes faster, and the impacts become harder. That’s where senior shoulder pads come in, designed with denser foam padding, larger plastic shields, and advanced ergonomic design to fit the mature physique.

Their sizing is distinct, crafted to accommodate broader shoulders and larger torsos, distinguishing them from junior or youth sizes. It’s essential for senior players, whether amateur or professional, to choose pads that suit their body type and play style to ensure optimal protection on the ice.

Senior Shoulder Pads FAQ

How Do Senior Shoulder Pads Differ from Junior or Youth Sizes?

Senior shoulder pads are designed with the adult physique in mind, offering a more extensive and denser protection coverage than junior or youth sizes. They feature more substantial foam padding and shields to handle harder impacts and come in sizes that accommodate broader shoulders and larger torsos. 

Is There a Break-in Period for Senior Shoulder Pads?

Like most protective gear, senior shoulder pads might feel a bit stiff or unfamiliar when first worn. Over time and with regular use, they will naturally mold to the player’s body shape, offering a more customized fit.

How Do I Properly Size Senior Shoulder Pads for a Perfect fit?

Proper sizing involves measuring the chest circumference and sometimes the shoulder width. Most manufacturers provide a sizing chart that correlates these measurements to their product sizes. It’s essential to try them on and ensure they sit snugly without restricting movement. 

Can Senior Shoulder Pads be Adjusted for a Tighter or Looser fit?

Most senior shoulder pads come with adjustable straps and fasteners, allowing players to achieve a secure, customized fit. While some minor adjustments can be made, it’s essential to start with a pad that's close to your size to ensure protection is not compromised.

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