Bauer Nexus ADV Hockey Stick

Not only does Bauer make some of the highest-quality hockey products on the market, but they are also known for their innovation and pushing the boundaries of “traditional” hockey gear.  Following suit, Bauer has created their most advanced, and possibly their most talked-about, stick to date, the Nexus ADV Intermediate Hockey Stick!

Bauer Nexus sticks are designed to load and release shots quickly and easily.  And with the ER-Spine Technology, these attributes are better than they have ever been.  The top third and bottom third of the shaft feature two flex zones which sandwich a loading zone.  This will help players get the puck off their stick blade in a split second thanks to unmatched energy transfer from the flex of the stick to the puck.

The new ER-Spine Technology also incorporates a new shaft geometry.  This new 5-sided shaft shape features a standard flat face, while the back of the stick has two sides, to help contour to the palm of the hand.  As a result, players will experience improved comfort and control in all facets of the game.

Last but not least, the ER-Spine Technology works hand in hand with Bauer’s Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) shaft build to remove excess carbon fiber layers in key loading areas, providing players with an incredibly lightweight stick, weighing in at just 365 grams.

The star of the show is the blade of the Nexus ADV Hockey Stick, aptly named Slingtech. After over 2000 hours of testing, Bauer came up with a design that features two separate blade sections, each with different traits that work hand in hand to give players superior performance.

The top portion, above the hole, is incredibly stiff and rigid to keep the blade stable during the loading and release of shots. This greatly improves shot accuracy and consistency. The bottom portion, below the whole, is more flexible, allowing the blade to slightly bend when the puck makes contact. This will then spring back when the puck is released, improving both shot power and responsiveness.

In regard to blade durability, Bauer used FEA analysis and hours of on-ice testing to ensure that the durability was not compromised. In fact, the Nexus ADV Hockey Stick’s durability is right on pair with Bauer’s other elite-level sticks.

The Nexus ADV Hockey Stick is available now at your local MonkeySports store! Be on the lookout for it on our website later this week.


This article was originally published on February 17, 2020, and has been updated with new information.