Hockey Gift Ideas

Sometimes finding the right Holiday Gifts can be tricky. With the Holiday season right around the corner, this guide looks to be a one-stop shop for cool gift ideas at various price ranges! The items chosen for this guide are ones that we believe players can get the most use out of to help improve their game.

Hand-picked Hockey Gifts for $25 or Less!

These hand-picked items under 25 dollars are a great option for some friendly competition or stocking stuffers. Let’s take a look!

Price: $24.99

Why We Love It: This easy to set up knee hockey set provides hours of fun, indoor competition. Go head to head against a friend, and snipe corners on the PVC-constructed goal using the two provided Bauer mini-sticks!

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Price: $14.99

Why We Love It: We believe that Captodor is the best gear deodorizer on the market. It is highly recommended due to its triple action formula; neutralize, destroy, and deodorize. This method will look to destroy odors before they become problematic! Additionally, it is EcoLogo certified and safe for users and the environment. Just spray it onto your gear after a practice or game, let your gear dry out, and you’re good to go!

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Price: $10.99

Why We Love It: One of the most efficient off-ice training drills is working on your stickhandling skills. With the Smart Hockey Stick Handling Ball you can develop soft, yet lightning quick hands. Nearly identical to the feel, weight, and bounce of a standard hockey puck, you can improve your game anywhere, anytime. Pair it with some cloth stick tape on the blade of your hockey stick, and it’ll be as if you are out there on the ice!

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Price: $24.99

Why We Love It: The Buttendz Twirl88 Grip was designed to mimic the look and feel of traditional stick tape. It provides unmatched top hand control during stickhandling and shooting in tight areas.

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Specially Priced Hockey Gifts for Under $100!

The items listed below are great options for players that are looking for top of the line products at a great price!

Price: $89.99

Why We Love It: The Warrior Pro Player Equipment Bag is a great option for Ice Hockey Players of any level, at a great price point. Featuring a large main compartment, and internal skate pockets, this equipment bag can comfortably fit all of your gear! Additionally, the Warrior Pro Bag comes in a wide variety of different colors to choose from, helping match your team uniforms.

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Price: $48.99

Why We Love It: With the colder months right around the corner, the Bauer Flex Senior Jacket will keep you warm, but will still remain lightweight and mobile. Constructed with Bauer’s 37.5 Technology, the jacket maximizes the evaporation of moisture, enhancing comfort. Get the classic hockey look with the Bauer Flex Senior Jacket!

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Price: $99.99

Why We Love It: The EZ Puck Shooting Board is a great option for players looking to work on their stickhandling and shooting abilities. The nice thing about this shooting board is that you don’t need to use it on the ice, meaning you can work on your skills anytime, anywhere! The dimensions are 36in. x 96in.

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Price: $64.99

Why We Love It: Brand new to the market is the CCM FV1 Full Face Shield! Built with elite-level materials, this shield will keep you well protected against a variety of impacts at any level of Ice Hockey. The well-placed vents and anti-fog coating ensures maximum visibility all game long. Another benefit is that it is compatible with all certified hockey helmets, not just CCM helmets!

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Curated Hockey Gifts Over $100!

We believe the items listed below are great options for elite-level players or hardcore Hockey fans.

Price: $109.98

Why We Love It: Represent your favorite NHL team in style with the Adidas AdiZero NHL Hockey Jersey! Featuring Adidas’ ClimaLite Technology, this jersey is breathable and lightweight, without sacrificing the high-quality feel.

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Price: $179.98

Why We Love It: The Covert QRE SuperLight is Warrior’s newest low-kick stick. Weighing in at 400 grams, this stick will feel weightless in your hands. It is highly durable as well, thanks to the Minumus 1200 Carbon Fiber materials! With the low-kick point, the Covert QRE SuperLight is great for players who like to take quick wrist shots and snapshots from up close to the goalie! Coming in at $200, the QRE SL Stick is one of the best valued sticks on the market.

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Price: $259.99

Why We Love It: Protect your garage doors with the Winnwell Heavy Duty Shooting Tarp. Built with an incredibly durable material, this hockey target can withstand thousands of shots at all different types of shot speeds. With many different mounting options, you can now work on perfecting your shot year-round! Simply mount the target, rip shots, and then easily roll it back up.

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Price: $64.99-$129.99

Why We Love It: When compared to standard runners, aftermarket can have a number of benefits. Aftermarket runners can have a special coating on the exterior of them that can help your skate sharpenings last longer, and can better prevent against corrosion! Additionally, most aftermarket steel is slightly taller than standard steel, improving straight line speed as well as tight turning and agility.

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Still Not Sure What to Get?

Buying Holiday Gifts can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, we have a wide variety of different products to choose from, ranging from standard hockey gear, to training equipment, to top of the line apparel. Listed below are some helpful links to get you started in the right direction.

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This article was originally published on January 24, 2020, and has been updated with new information.