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Ice Hockey Pants, sometimes referred to as “breezers”, are important because they help protect three main areas on your lower body, including your tailbone, kidneys, and quads. In the game of Ice Hockey, you will face a wide variety of impacts such as blocked shots, slashes, and falls onto the ice. Luckily, a pair of properly fitting Hockey Pants will assist in keeping you well protected!

Additionally, like most hockey gear, players will different styles to choose from. Traditional ice hockey pants are “one-piece” and usually offer more protection, at the cost of some mobility. On the contrary, Ice Hockey Girdles and shells are more lightweight and flexible than traditional pants, but usually feature less protection.

Hockey Pants Components

hockey pant components
  • Tailbone pad
  • Kidney pads
  • Quadriceps pads
  • Hip pads

How Should Hockey Pants Fit?

Ice Hockey Pants come in sizes Small through Extra Large and are produced by all major ice hockey equipment manufacturers such as Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and True.

When fitting Hockey Pants, the general rule of thumb is that you want them to be snug, but comfortable while at the waist level. This will ensure that they do not slide down during gameplay. While standing with Hockey Pants on, they will usually rest one or two inches above the kneecap of your shin guards. If you are trying on Hockey Pants, try moving around in them, or do a few brief exercises in them, to get a general idea of how they will feel while out on the ice.

Finding the right fit for Hockey Pants is important for two reasons. If Hockey Pants are too big, they can hinder mobility due to irregular contact with your shin guards, and because they are too baggy. A way to tell if Hockey Pants are too big is simply if they go too far down your leg, or if they won’t stay securely in place on your hips. If Hockey Pants are too small, there is the issue of the top of your knee being left unprotected.

Hockey Pants Considerations

  • What materials are pants made out of? Almost all Hockey Pants consist of three materials; a Nylon shell and stretch gussets on the exterior, with hard plastics and foams on the interior for protection. The Nylon shell is thick and durable, helping prevent against any type of scratches and cuts. The stretch gussets within the nylon shell help provide you with enhanced movement and mobility. The pieces on the interior, consisting of hard foam and plastics are lightweight and highly protecting against impact-type situations, such as shot blocking, stick checks, and so on.
  • Are there different types of fit? - Snug vs. mid vs. wide. Most major Ice Hockey brands have two lines of Hockey Pants. For example, CCM has their Super Tacks pant line that feature a traditional, wider fit, that provides great protection. Their JetSpeed pant line, has a more anatomical, close to the body fit, providing great mobility and flexibility. Finding the right pair that has your desired fit and that best fits your play style, is all a matter of personal preference.
  • Do you need suspenders? If you prefer the feel of a looser, traditionally fitting pant, but find them a little bit baggy for your build, Hockey suspenders are a great option. They will help keep your hockey pants from slipping down and are adjustable as well.
  • What brands are known for hockey pants? Almost all major hockey equipment companies have a line of hockey pants. The most popular brands are CCM, Bauer, and Warrior.
  • How often should hockey pants be replaced? With proper care, Hockey pants can last multiple years. However, if you outgrow them, or them become ridden with tears and scratches, this is a sign that you will want to get a new pair.
  • Another consideration to keep in mind is the level of play. If you are playing highly competitive youth travel hockey, there is a chance your pants might need to be replaced more frequently than someone who plays in a recreational league where there is less hitting, contact, and so on. Be on the lookout for excessive tears or worn-down padding on the interior of the pants.

Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

SizeAge RangeHeightWaist (in.)
Youth Small3 - 53'3" - 3'7"20" - 22"
Youth Medium4 - 63'7" - 4'3"21" - 23"
Youth Large5 - 73'10" - 4'6"22" - 24"
Youth X-Large6 - 84'2" - 4'7"22" - 24"
Junior Small7 - 94'3" - 4'8"23" - 25"
Junior Medium8 - 104'7" - 5'1"24" - 27"
Junior Large9 - 115'0" - 5'5"26" - 28"
Junior X-Large10 - 125'4" - 5'8"27" - 30"
Senior Small11 - 135'4" - 5'9"28" - 32"
Senior Medium12 - 155'7" - 5'10"32" - 36"
Senior Large14 - 18+5'9" - 6'1"34" - 38"
Senior X-Large18+6'1"+36" - 40"

Hockey Pants Sizing by Brand

Bauer Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Bauer Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

CCM Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

CCM Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Easton Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

Easton Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Warrior Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

Warrior Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Tackla Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

Tackla Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Sher-Wood Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

Sher-Wood Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

TRUE Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

TRUE Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

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This article was originally published on January 22, 2020, and has been updated with new information.