Off The Ice Podcast

Back in mid-2019 we, the Digital Content Team here at MonkeySports, loosely brought up the idea of starting a podcast. We would come into work every day and have casual sports debates, of all variety, so we started thinking:

“Huh, these would be good topics for a podcast episode…”

January 2020. That was our internal deadline.

So, for the next four or five months, we acquired the necessary equipment, brainstormed how we wanted it to look and sound, along with all the other ins-and-outs a successful podcast requires.

Once January came around, we were anxious to get it up and running and with that, we’re excited to announce the Off The Ice Podcast hosted by HockeyMonkey!

Each podcast will be live the fourth Friday of every month and will include a wide variety of all topics hockey related. This includes hockey current events for the month (big trades, highlights, hot teams/not-so-hot teams, etc.), new gear talk, along with player interviews!

Diving into the first episode, we sat down with Graisen from GoalieMonkey and had a lengthy discussion regarding:

  • All-Star Weekend
    • Likes and Dislikes
  • Recap of the first half of the season
    • Teams hot right now
    • Teams cold right now
    • “Overachieving” teams so far this season
    • “Underachieving teams so far this season
  • Second half/playoff predictions
    • Top eight teams from each conference
    • Eastern Conference Finals predictions
    • Western Conference Finals predictions
    • Stanley Cup Finals predictions
  • Fan question
    • What does the “Enforcer” role look like in today’s game?

The Off The Ice Podcast is available on all podcast streaming sites here, or you can listen to it on Youtube here!

Episodes go live every fourth Friday of the month, but in between episodes, you can stay up to date with our content by visiting Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!