Off The Ice Podcast

On this month’s episode of our Off the Ice Podcast, we had a number of different topics to discuss.

Starting things off, we got into a quick discussion about the two hottest sticks currently on the hockey market; the Bauer Nexus ADV and the True AX9. We gave a quick overview of both, but for more in-depth details check out the Nexus ADV here and the AX9 here.

From here, we moved to our discussion on the recent NHL trade deadline. We discussed our top five teams that we think made the best moves overall, and how the moves could help going into the playoffs.

And the big topic as of late is Ovechkin scoring his 700th career goal, followed by whether or not we think he can break Gretzky’s all-time goal record of 894 goals!

Rounding the episode out, we answered a fan question (vin_savo from Instagram), who wanted to know what are thoughts are on the current role of Enforcer in the league and what that role looks like going forward.

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