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Helpful Tips for Youth Ice Hockey Gear

Ice hockey is a popular sport for many youth players, but it often leaves parents confused on what ice hockey gear and how to ensure that their child will get the most out of it. Children outgrow everything quickly, but you don't want to overcompensate in your child's hockey gear.

It is important that your child's ice hockey gear fits them properly, even if you are afraid it won't last because they grow so quickly. The first piece of quality ice hockey gear you need to purchase is a pair of ice hockey skates. It is very important that these fit properly, as skate sizes and shoe sizes are not necessarily the same. Don't buy them large enough for your child to "grow" into either. These need to fit snugly and provide good support.

The next important piece of high-quality ice skating gear you need is the stick. If your child is just starting you probably won't need to spend too much on a stick, but this becomes more important as they increase in experience and playing level. The average young player is going to need a stick with a number five or six lie. The stick should come to their chin when wearing skates, nor should the stick be too heavy. Be aware that your child may use three to ten sticks in one season.

Finally, you're going to need protective gear including padded gloves, padded pants, shoulder and chest pads, mouth guards, protective cup or pelvic protector and helmet with full-face guard or mask. All of this quality ice skating gear can be found online at - Hockey Equipment in Europe - Goalie Equipment - Team Equipment & Uniforms - Lacrosse Equipment - Baseball & Softball Equipment by Pepper Foster- Threads for the Sport Enthusiast