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Find Your Flex
Model Flex Player Profile Cutting the stick down
in length changes the flex:
      2" 4" 6"
YTH 42 Kids are growing up with composite in today's hockey market; it should start with the YTH players. 49 Flex 57 Flex 67 Flex
JR 52 Generally for ages 8-12 where the skills are in early development and softer flex will enhance puck velocity and increase release time 60 Flex 68 Flex 77 Flex
INT 67 This flex is great for PeeWee and Bantam age players, that have smaller hands that can quite use a SR shaft dimension but needs a longer blade for controlling the puck 74 Flex 80 Flex 87 Flex
SR 77 For the player seeking maximum energy loading; this is the softest flex available on the market today in a SR dimension 84 Flex 92 Flex 100 Flex
SR 87 Probably the most popular flex rating today, this is for the player seeking a quick-release whether it's a one-time or streaking down the wing 96 Flex 105 Flex 112 Flex
SR 102 This is for the player that has an arsenal of different shots within their game 108 Flex 115 Flex 122 Flex