Alpha DX vs. Covert QRE SuperLight

With the recent release of Warrior’s newest stick, the Alpha DX, we decided to take a look at some of the similarities and differences between it and the most recent stick within the Covert line, the Covert QRE SuperLight.

As you could have guessed, these two sticks cater towards two different types of players, with the QRE SuperLight built for players who value a quick release over pure power, thanks to the ultra-low kick-point. Paired with this, the QRE SuperLight requires a very effortless loading time to get the desired result. This setup is great for players who love to fire off snap shots as quickly as possible, usually in close range of the opposing goalie. As a bonus, with its new price drop on our website, I believe it is one of the best valued sticks currently on the market!

Comparatively, the Alpha DX has a low-mid kick-point that requires a little bit more loading than the QRE SuperLight does. Due to this, and the slightly higher kick-point, it might not feel as “quick” on the shot release when compared to the QRE SuperLight. However, thanks to more strength needed to load up the stick, the Alpha DX will produce more power on your shots! This dynamic balance of power and quickness is a great option for players who mainly take heavy wrist shots and quick slapshots.

More in-depth information on the new Alpha DX can be found here. Information on the Covert QRE SuperLight can be found here! For a statistical breakdown of the properties of each stick, visit Warrior’s website here.


This article was originally published on September 24, 2019, and has been updated with new information.