Bauer Supreme ADV Hockey Stick

Back in early 2018, we started to see a few leaks of what was then an unseen, and somewhat secretive, hockey stick from Bauer.  Shortly after, Bauer announced their plans to release their lightest and most exclusive hockey stick ever made, the Vapor ADV. 

Fast forward a year and a few months, and fans on Instagram started noticing another Bauer hockey stick, namely used by Jack Eichel and William Nylander, that didn’t look like your standard “off-the-shelf” stick.  This stick has now been officially unveiled by Bauer as the Supreme ADV Stick! 

Giving the Supreme ADV unmatched strength and feel is the Advanced Carbon Layering throughout the entirety of the stick.  This ACL Technology is a fully integrated carbon layering within the stick that reduces overall weight, without sacrificing durability!  And weighing in at an incredible 375 grams, the Supreme ADV stick feels almost weightless in your hands.

However, what makes the Supreme ADV so versatile and dynamic is that it was built with maximized energy transfer in mind. Thanks to the new ADV upgrades, it ensures all the energy loaded into the stick is directly transferred into your shot.  The result is unmatched power and acceleration for every shot type! 

Assisting this is Bauer’s all-new Sonic Taper at the bottom third of the shaft.  This six-sided taper helps increase the overall strength against stick checks.  Additionally, this new design helps improve shot control and accuracy by decreasing the rotational torquing of the shaft during hard shots.

The Bauer Supreme ADV Hockey Stick is available starting tomorrow, in very limited quantity, at all MonkeySports locations. 

Get a SONIC BOOM of confidence with the new Bauer Supreme ADV Hockey Stick!


This article was originally published on October 11, 2019, and has been updated with new information.