Bauer Vapor 1X Skates vs. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skates

In 2017, Bauer Hockey unveiled what was then their latest and most advanced iteration of their Vapor skates with the release of the 2017 Vapor 1X’s. Featuring upgrades like the Lock-Fit Pro facing and liner, along with an improved asymmetrical quarter package, these skates were built with speed and agility in mind. Fast-forward to 2019 and Bauer has outdone themselves once again with the introduction of the brand new 2019 Vapor line, with the flagship model going by the name of the Vapor 2X Pro’s!

1X Skates

The 2017 Vapor 1X Skates utilized what is known as Bauer’s Lock-Fit Pro facing and liner. This system was designed to help player’s feet locked into place thanks to the added grip on the lower part of the liner. Along with this, it helped keep players dry and comfortable. The injected facing provided a softer flex with a reinforced facing system to help keep the laces from loosening during usage. Paired with these features, was the Flex-Lock Pro tongue. This design featured a locked forward-flex motion that helped store and use energy within every stride.

2X Pro Skates

Looking to approve upon their predecessor, the Vapor 2X Pro Skates feature what is known as Bauer’s DynaFlex System. The DynaFlex System is the term used to describe a variety of different upgrades, including the asymmetrical taper, asymmetrical toe cap, and the integrated injected facing. Starting with the asymmetrical taper, this design helps lock the player’s foot into the heel of the skate, helping ensure that there is little movement as possible from the foot within the skate. In turn, this helps with more energy being put through the skate and to the ice in every skating stride.

Unlike the 1X skates, the 2X Pro skates now feature an asymmetrical toe cap that is paired with the taper. Using information based on 25,000 foot scans, Bauer made this toe cap shorter in height and but longer in length. Thanks to this redesigned shape, it will better take the shape of players’ feet, giving them improved control of the skates during hard skating strides and quick cuts.

The last component within the DynaFlex System is the integrated injected facing. While the 1X Skates did feature the injected facing, the 2X Pro Skates have improved upon them by improving the way they are integrated into the quarter package of the boot. The facing on the 2X Pro Skates are now a touch bigger in size giving them improved durability as well as forward flex. Their stitching has been enhanced as well which increases overall durability.

Bauer also improved the comfort aspect over the 1X Skates as well. The 2X Pro Skates feature Bauer’s new Recoil PRO tongue. Rather than going with the horizontal “panels” as seen on the 1X Skates, a new three-piece design has been implemented that gives players improved forward flex, meaning more range of motion during skating strides.

The interior of the skates got some attention as well. Compared to the 1X Skates, the 2X Pro skates feature the new Aero Foam Pro padding within the skate. This padding better wraps around the ankle, giving players a snug and personalized fit. Further enhancing this, these pads are now more thermoformable than ever, enhancing the fit and comfort by better eliminating negative space within the boot.

And, of course, the last upgrade we see is the new LS5 carbon-coated runners, compared to the LS4 runners on the 1X Skates. While both feature an increased height for a tighter turn radius and deeper cuts, the new LS5 runners are coated with a black carbon coating! This coating enchances sharpening life and helps prevent against corrosion.

With the upgrades designed to increase durability, quickness, and overall performance, the Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Skates are Bauer’s most advanced skates to date! More information on them can be found here.


This article was originally published on July 12, 2019, and has been updated with new information.