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Skate Sharpening: A Beginner's Guide

Over time, the blades on your Hockey Skates will get dull and worn down. This can happen in the span of one game or a few months. When your blades get dull, that is your indication to head over to your local MonkeySports store to get them sharpened. Upon arriving and telling an employee you need your skates sharpened, the following question is almost always something along the lines of, “what cut do you want on them?” If you are new to hockey you won’t know what this means, so we’ll help explain it. This question refers to the hollow grove that is cut in the middle of the bottom of your blade. Each one of these cuts has a different radius that will cater towards different playstyles.
August 20, 2019

Bauer Vapor 1X Skates vs. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skates

In 2017, Bauer Hockey unveiled what was then their latest and most advanced iteration of their Vapor skates with the release of the 2017 Vapor 1X’s. Featuring upgrades like the Lock-Fit Pro facing and liner, along with an improved asymmetrical quarter package, these skates were built with speed and agility in mind. Fast-forward to 2019 and Bauer has outdone themselves once again with the introduction of the brand new 2019 Vapor line, with the flagship model going by the name of the Vapor 2X Pro’s!
July 12, 2019

2019 Bauer Vapor Hockey Skates Overview

Last month, HockeyMonkey invited Donnie Drake from Bauer Hockey to our headquarters in Allen, Texas to discuss the release of their new Bauer Vapor Skate line! Talking with Donnie, he was able to explain the upgrades we can look forward to seeing within this new skate line from Bauer. It quickly became evident that these new features work together to provide players with the quickest and lightest skates possible. To make this happen, the features include:
July 5, 2019

CCM RibCor 80K Hockey Skates vs. CCM RibCor 70K Hockey Skates

With the release of the brand new RibCor 80K Hockey Skates from CCM Hockey, it’s likely that the first question to pop into your head is, “what makes the 80K’s better than last year’s iteration, the 70K’s?”
May 31, 2019

First Look: CCM RibCor 80K Hockey Skates

The all-new RibCor 80K Skates from CCM Hockey feature a revamped and modernized design, as well as the new SpeedBlade XS Holder! With a unique combination of superior comfort, fit, and performance, it is no wonder guys like Nathan MacKinnon, John Tavares, and Matt Duchene prefer them!
May 3, 2019

First Look CCM JetSpeed FT2 Skates

In 2018, CCM released their first one-piece boot within the JetSpeed line, the JetSpeed FT1 Hockey Skates. Brand new for 2019, CCM introduces their evolution of that one-piece boot with the unveiling of their new JetSpeed FT2 Hockey Skates! With the new LITEFRAME 360 EVO Technology, and the new SpeedBlade XS holder, there is only one word for these new JetSpeed FT2 skates….ELITE.
February 15, 2019
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