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Hockey Pants for the Ice or the Street

Depending on the type of hockey you play, you will need a specialized pair of hockey pants. Hockey is an incredibly physical sport and not just for your body, but for your equipment. When you're choosing hockey pants you want to be certain that you are selecting hockey pants that are going to withstand training, the game and the many body checks and wall hits you're going to have along the way. Inline hockey pants can withstand collisions with other players as well as the concrete when you hit the ground during intense street play.

Affordable hockey pants are available for both ice hockey and street hockey. Ice hockey pants are designed to not only withstand the harsh game on ice, but to keep your lower body warm as well. These pants are available in adult, junior and youth sizes. These pants come from a number of different brands including CCM, Easton, JOFA, Mission, and Reebok.

Inline hockey pants are designed for street play and competition. These pants are also available in adult and junior sizes. Inline hockey pants offer you advanced ventilation, durability, and denier nylon that can take a beating in a street game. Many of these inline hockey pants are also available with a hockey girdle in a combo set. These pants are designed for contact with hard surfaces such as cement, and the heavy-duty nylon is designed to withstand the scraping and friction involved with rubbing against concrete.

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