Hockey skills

Ready to elevate your hockey aptitude? Whether it’s skating, stopping, stickhandling, or passing in hockey – mastering the essential ice hockey skills is imperative for any aspiring player. With the right knowledge – and equipment from HockeyMonkey – you can become a master of all the basic hockey techniques. 

Learn everything you need to know about basic hockey skills here, so you're ready the next time you step on the ice. 

In this article, we’ll cover the following:


Skating is arguably the most crucial skill for any hockey player. It allows players to move around on the ice with speed and agility. To master your skating technique, practice regularly by doing drills like:

  • Crossovers
  • Backward skating
  • Edge work 

Having fine-tuned your technique, you can then concentrate on upping the pace and improving stability while keeping command of either the puck or yourself during play.


Stopping in hockey is another key component of being a great skater. It gives you more time to make decisions during play without losing momentum or getting passed up by opponents. To stop effectively, keep your feet close together while pushing off both blades at once, using short bursts of power from each foot until you come to a complete stop – similar to how a car brakes when coming into a turn or intersection in traffic.


Stickhandling is one of the more difficult hockey techniques to master. It involves controlling the puck with either hand using quick movements like toe drags and saucer passes to navigate around defenders or create space for yourself when attacking goalies one-on-one. 

With practice comes confidence, so don’t be afraid to take risks with different techniques, even if they don’t always work out perfectly.


Passing accurately is one of those ice hockey skills that separates the good players from the great ones – especially when playing against teams who are well-organized defensively. 

Whether making cross-ice passes through tight lanes, or chipping pucks ahead for breakaways, mastering passing in hockey takes time but pays dividends in games where every pass counts towards victory. When practicing passing drills, use soft touch passes to help build muscle memory for accurate placement later.


Shooting is one of the most vital hockey skills you’ll need to master. It’s essential for scoring goals and putting points on the board. Every player needs to be able to shoot accurately, regardless of the position they play.

Accuracy is paramount when attempting to score. The type of shot you take can depend on the situations, but may include: 

  • Wrist shots
  • Snapshots
  • Backhand shots
  • Slapshots
  • Tip-ins (also known as redirects)

Players will use specific shots to maximize accuracy. For example, a wrist shot requires less power than other shots but more precision when aiming at the goal. In contrast, a slapshot has greater velocity but can be harder to control accurately.

Essential Hockey Skills FAQs

What are the main skills in hockey?

The primary skills any great hockey player should master are skating, shooting, stickhandling, and puck handling. 

What is the most important skill in hockey? 

Skating is an essential skill in hockey, and every player, in every position, should focus on agility, speed, and power on the ice. 

What are the most important hockey skating skills?

Hockey requires a variety of skills to be successful. Skating aptitude is critical. Puck handling and passing are also key. Shooting accuracy is essential, and physicality helps players win battles along the boards or create space for themselves on offense or defense.  

What personal skills do you develop in hockey?

Hockey provides invaluable life lessons, including teamwork, decision-making abilities, and communication – all of which are important elements for hockey success and foster personal growth so players can become better versions of themselves both on and off the ice.

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