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Top-Rated Composite Hockey Sticks and Reviews for 2019

Best Hockey Sticks for 2019

Any hockey player would agree, your stick is an extremely personal piece of equipment. But with so many different options, finding the best hockey stick for your game may seem overwhelming. Yet, it’s key to your success on the ice. Whether you’re a sniper, playmaker or like to impress with ankle-breaking dekes, using the best hockey sticks makes a world of difference in your game.

Best Composite Hockey Sticks for 2019

Professionals and experts exclusively use composite sticks rather than wood, so we've compiled the best composite hockey stick reviews to give you the edge when it comes time to purchase your new stick. Read on for composite stick reviews of our top ten best hockey sticks 2019 has available.

1) Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac Hockey Stick

Any product in the Bauer Vapor line is highly regarded as some of the best hockey gear on the market, no matter what year they were manufactured. The Bauer Vapor 1X ’15 model was largely considered one of the best hockey sticks 2015 had to offer.

And true to form, the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac is still one of the top 10 best composite hockey sticks available today. With the 1X Lite, Bauer stays true to and improves on their QRT technology, and introduces Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) blade technology. Designed and perfect for elite puck-handlers.

Known For:
  • Super lightweight – 15 grams lighter than the 2016 model, making it the lightest Vapor stick to date
  • Eight blade face options
  • Constructed with Monocomp technology, resulting in a true 1-piece stick that works to maximize energy transfer and improve balance

2) CCM RibCor Trigger 3D CCM RibCor Trigger 3D Hockey Sticks

The RibCor Trigger 3D Hockey Stick is the latest iteration of CCM’s low-kick stick line. This stick is built for players who are looking for a lightning-quick release, low-weight stick, without having to sacrifice durability.

Thanks to the X-Flow constructed shaft, the RibCor Trigger 3D stick helps improve energy transfer, durability, and overall feel. X-Flow technology is a molding process that eliminates extra resin and voids within the shaft!

The shaft geometry has been newly redesigned as well. The Pop Matrix Technology has been slightly altered to make the stick more efficient and seamless during passing and shooting.

Known For:
  • X-Flow Technology
  • Improved shaft geometry (Pop-Matrix)
  • Sigmatex shaft material: innovative weaving process of 18K carbon fibers resulting in lightweight strength and resilience.
  • Ascent 3 blade: tactile and lightweight with a reinforced heel providing heightened puck feel and control.

3) Warrior Covert QRE SuperLight Warrior Covert QRE SuperLight

The Covert QRE Superlight Stick is Warrior’s newest addition to the Covert stick line. Thanks to the redesigned taper at the bottom third of the stick, this stick has been engineered with shot release and low weight in mind. The Covert QRE SuperLight will allow you to release your shot faster when there is less time and space on the ice.

New to the Covert QRE SuperLight is the redesigned edge taper. This is an angular taper that drives flex energy through the hosel, which amplifies shot power and quick release.

This is paired with Warrior’s Minimus Carbon 1200 shaft material. Thanks to this, not only is the stick extremely lightweight, weighing in at 400 grams, but is stronger and more durable as well!

Known For:
  • Angular Edge taper
  • True 1 Phantom construction: True one-piece shaft construction allowing for superior puck control, feel, and responsiveness.
  • Edge quick release: low kick-point designed for quick snap shots and wrist shots.
  • One of the lightest sticks currently on the market at 400 grams.

4) True A6.0 HT Matte Grip True A6.0 HT Hockey Stick

A low kick point and new BRT+ blade technology make the A6.0 a great choice for players seeking a responsive, quick release wrist and snapshot stick. Designed with Swing Weight technology, the A6.0 has carefully calculated weight distribution that’s optimized for an end result of a lighter, more balanced feel, durability and optimal performance.

Ultimate power results from the ease in energy loading, which delivers explosive power from nearly any shooting position. Arguably one of the, if not the, best hockey stick for snap shots on the market today.

Known For:
  • The A6.0 HT Hockey Stick is a low kick stick, great for players who generate most of their power with their wrists. Along with that, it is a very lightweight, weighing in at 412 grams.
  • Axenic Technology: molding process of the shaft that eliminates any imperfections within it, giving it a well-balanced and controlled feel.
  • SmartPly Technology: redistributed carbon fibers in the shaft that have helped lower the overall weight, increase durability, and provide optimal swing weight.
  • BRT+ blade: braided tubes within the blade that give you superior feel and control of the puck, along with added durability.

5) CCM Super Tacks AS1 CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Sticks

The Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick is CCM’s newest flagship mid-kick stick! With a revamped stiffness profile, the Super Tacks AS1 stick features improved stability, control, and loading times on your shots.

The Super Tacks AS1 stick features a soft mid-section that allows for a longer loading period, leading to more energy stored. The whole package is built for players who take heavy wrist shots and powerful slapshots.

The shaft features CCM’s X-Flow Technology molding process. This process eliminates any blemishes within the shaft, which results in a shaft that is more consistent and durable. This process has also decreased the overall weight of the stick, when compared to its predecessor, now weighing in at 420.

Not only is the CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick one of the best loading sticks on the market, it now feels better in your hands!

Known For:
  • Sigmatex shaft material: High-performance tow fabric that features an innovative weaving process, providing ultimate strength and resilience, in a lightweight package.
  • X-Flow Technology
  • Max Loading mid-kick point: soft mid-section allowing for longer loading periods resulting in increased energy. Stiff taper zone that maximizes stability and responsiveness.
  • ACU3 Blade: Ultra-stiff and lightweight blade providing maximum feel and control. Reinforced toe and heel for enhanced durability.

6) Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Hockey Sticks

New on the scene is Bauer’s 2N Pro Hockey Stick! This mid-kick stick features a few key upgrades, making it one of their most advanced sticks to date.

Bauer completely revamped the blade on the 2N Pro Hockey Stick. This stick features what is known as an R-LITE blade. By adding a reinforced laying between the core of the blade and the outer carbon fiber, the 2N Pro Hockey Stick provides greatly enhanced puck feel on your stick. It also increases blade durability without sacrificing the lightweight feel.

This is paired with Bauer’s Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technology in the blade. This is a strategic placement of carbon fiber materials within the blade that provide a strong and durable blade.

Known For:
  • R-LITE blade
  • ACL technology: This is a strategic placement of carbon fiber materials within the blade that provide a strong and durable blade.
  • Mid-kick flex profile: Lightning-quick snapshot and wristshot release. Easy loading for powerful slapshots.
  • Duraflex resin: Substance on the interior of the shaft, providing added strength and durability.

7) CCM JetSpeed CCM JetSpeed Hockey Sticks

The latest stick from CCM is their JetSpeed Hockey Stick! With its hybrid kick-point, this stick looks to accommodate all shot types, whether you are looking for maximum power or a quick shot release, it looks to bridge the gap between both of these attributes

The Hybrid kick-point consists of a soft flex point right below the bottom hand, immediately followed up by a stiffer “bump” flex point. This is followed by another soft flex point at the bottom third of the shaft. This stiffness “bump” between the two softer flex points creates a hinge-like effect creating greater power and control on your shots. The softer flex points help you to get your shots off your stick faster!

This goes hand in hand with CCM’s new shaft geometry for the JetSpeed Hockey Stick. While it still features rounded corners and concave sidewalls, this stick has double convex sidewalls at the top and bottom of the shaft, providing a better feel in your hands, thus better control of the puck.

Known For:
  • Hybrid kick-point
  • Redesigned shaft dimensions
  • Jetstream blade with dampening layer technology: Multi-channel blade for precision and consistency. Dampening material to achieve a blend of lightweight and feel.
  • Sigmatex carbon fiber shaft material: High-tension weaved carbon fiber that provides a lightweight, but durable, feel.

8) Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 Hockey Stick

The Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 is a lightweight composite hockey stick that’s crafted from 18K carbon fiber. Sher-Wood takes the durability of this stick to the next level by using the 18K carbon fiber weave on both the exterior and interior layers of the components of this stick. This produces an ultra-lightweight result that can improve responsiveness, especially during those critical one-handed playing moments. The lightweight design is also advantageous when releasing wrist shots and dekeing defensemen and goalies.

The Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 is available with an impressive 11 different blade face options, ensuring players will find a face that’s perfect for any style, whether they’re a forward or a defensive player with years of experience.

Known For:
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durability
  • Ultralight stick may feel a bit awkward for beginners

9) Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Sticks

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Stick is Bauer’s latest stick! With the addition of ACL technology, DuraFlex Resin, and specific weight reductions, this is there most advanced stick to date!

Sticking true to the Supreme line, the 2S Pro is perfect for players looking for maximum power and velocity on their shots. This is essential for players who love to take big slapshots from the point and heavy one-timers.

In the interior of the 2S Pro Hockey Stick, Bauer used their new DuraFlex resin. This material eliminates excess materials on the inside of the stick, making the 2S Pro more durable and better at handling stress during flexing.

Bauer has incorporated their new ACL technology in the blade of the 2S Pro Hockey Stick. This is a restructure of the carbon fiber placement that helps in adding durability and enhancing the puck feel!

Along with these key additions, Bauer also decreased the weight of this stick, when compared to its predecessor, by five grams, giving it a total weight of an impressive 415 grams!

Known For:
  • ACL Techology
  • Reduced weight by five grams
  • DuraFlex Resin

10) Warrior Alpha QX Warrior Alpha QX Hockey Sticks

New on the market is Warrior’s Alpha QX Hockey Stick! This stick is a completely new addition to the Warrior Hockey stick line and features upgraded performance and technology that sets it apart from the rest!

The Alpha QX Hockey Stick was built with shot release and accuracy in mind, thus introducing their all-new Quick Strike Technology! This is a low to mid kick-point profile that allows the stick to flex from your bottom hand all the way through the lower third of the shaft. This technology allows you to effortlessly load up your shots and get them off your blade as quickly as possible.

Going hand in hand with the Quick Strike Technology is Warrior’s new Sabre Taper. This angular taper at the lower third of the shaft allows the stick to maintain its stiffness during shots, which allows for a quicker release. This also helps give the blade a stiffer feel as well, giving you a more accurate shot.

Known For:
  • Quick Strike Technology
  • Saber Taper
  • True 1 Phantom feel: Molding process that allows for a true one-piece stick

Considerations When Buying Your Hockey Stick

Not all hockey sticks are created equal. Some sticks will appeal to experienced players who want to enhance certain elements of their game, while a beginner or intermediate player may be searching for overall performance and value. Understanding the parts of a stick and their construction can help you better understand hockey stick reviews and choose the perfect stick for your game. Remember, just because we rank a stick #1, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the ideal stick for every hockey player.

Composite Sticks vs. Wood Sticks

Composite sticks are the standard for professionals and experienced players alike. You won’t see an NHL player or highly skilled expert use a wood stick out on the ice. Wood sticks are great for street hockey or pickup games on the pond, but players valuing performance will always use a composite stick.

Two-Piece Sticks vs. One-Piece Sticks

There are two construction methods for ice hockey sticks: the one-piece method and the two-piece method.

What is a Two-Piece Stick?

A two-piece stick is almost exactly what it sounds like. The shaft and the blade are molded separately and fitted together during the final stages of production. Some experienced players are skilled enough to change blade faces on their own.

What is a One-Piece Stick?

A one-piece stick is produced using a single mold, making a stick that’s all one part.

Should I Get a Two-Piece or One-Piece Stick?

One-piece sticks are the most commonly manufactured composite hockey sticks. If you find a manufacturer you like, a one-piece stick may be right for you.

However, if you feel that using one manufacturer's shaft with a different company's blade could enhance your game, the only way to achieve this kind of custom stick would be to use a two-piece stick featuring one brand of shaft with a competitor’s brand of blade attached.

Choosing the Flex of Your Shaft

What is Shaft Flex?

Shaft flex is the ability of the shaft of your stick to bend when pressure is applied while shooting.

How to Choose Shaft Flex

The greater the flex of your stick, the more spring your shot will have, but increasing flex can also lower your power output. For example, a stick with a high flex rating will produce snappy wrist shots, but slapshots will not be as strong. A stick with a low flex may have the potential to produce harder shots, but the stiffness of the stick may reduce effectiveness. Flex should be tailored to your playing style.

Hockey Stick Length

The length of your stick is an important factor when it comes to effectiveness during gameplay.

Sizing Yourself for a Hockey Stick

Before buying a hockey stick, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the correct length.

Hockey Stick Sizing Chart

Height Weight Flex Stick Length
5'5" to 5'10" 125lbs to 175lbs 75/80 57" to 61"
5'7" to 6'1" 150lbs to 200lbs 85/90 58" to 62"
5'10" to 6'4" 180lbs to 235lbs 100/105 60" to 63"
6'1" and up 210lbs and up 110/115 60" to 63"

Hockey Blade Patterns

Hockey blade patterns affect shot angles, passing and stickhandling skills. This pattern should be tailored to your abilities.

Curve Direction

Curve direction basically translates to a right- or left-handed stick. If you naturally hold your right hand on the top of the stick, you want a left-curved blade and vice-versa.

Curve Type

Curve type designates where the curve of a blade begins: at the heel, middle or toe of the blade.

Curve Depth

Curve depth is how much your blade curves. A deeper curve will provide greater lift on shots, while a shallow curve provides better stickhandling.

Face Angle

A closed face angle will cup over the puck, ensuring added puck protection, while an open face allows for greater lift.

Blade Length

Blade lengths can range from short to medium to long.


Lie is the angle of the blade in relation to the shaft. If you hold your stick out in front of you while skating, you probably want a lower angle. Skaters who hold the stick close to their bodies generally go for a steeper lie.

Hockey Experience

Newer players should try to find a stick that’s comfortable and doesn’t overspecialize in any one area of the game. Pros and experienced hockey players will know exactly what type of game they play and should choose a stick that highlights their abilities.

Price Point

Hockey sticks can range from very affordable to incredibly expensive. Cheaper sticks usually require a great sacrifice in performance, yet the most expensive composite hockey sticks may not be worth the investment for every hockey player. Understanding the different styles and components of sticks will help you choose the right one for your game.

For more information and everything you need to know about how to choose the right hockey stick, check out our Hockey Stick Buying Guide.