First Look: CCM RibCor 80K Hockey Skates

The all-new RibCor 80K Skates from CCM Hockey feature a revamped and modernized design, as well as the new SpeedBlade XS Holder! With a unique combination of superior comfort, fit, and performance, it is no wonder guys like Nathan MacKinnon, John Tavares, and Matt Duchene prefer them!

Jumping right into some of the tech specs, the RibCor 80K Skates feature CCM’s innovative FlexFrame technology! This technology provides players with excellent forward flex, helping them generate maximum power in each stride. Additionally, this helps with improving lateral stability, further enhancing energy transfer and efficiency!

Moving to the comfort aspect of the RibCor 80K Skates, they feature what is known as CCM’s new ADPT Memory Foam Comfort Pads! These symmetrical memory foam pads wrap snugly but comfortably around the player’s foot and ankles. This design adapts to any foot shape, eliminating any negative space within the boot to maximize energy transfer! This also provides unmatched comfort all game long.

Last but not least, the RibCor 80K Skates come equipped with CCM’s new SpeedBlade XS Holders! Thanks to what is known as CCM’s BladeLock Technology, players can now change their runners out on the fly. The positive-lock dial on the back of each holder tightly secures the blade so it will not come loose during gameplay!

Paired with the SpeedBlade XS Holders are the new XS1 Black Runners. These runners have been coated with a premium, oxide-treated black coating that helps improve performance by increasing edge life and creating higher resistance to corrosion! Additionally, the XS1 Black Runners are 12%, or 2 mm, taller than the standard blade. This height increase allows players to dig deeper into their turns, as well as in straight lines, thus increasing top-end speed!

The CCM RibCor 80K Hockey Skates are available for pre-order on our website on May 31st and hit our shelves on June 28th!


This article was originally published on May 3, 2019, and has been updated with new information.