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A Key Part of the Game: Hockey Skates

It doesn't matter what type of hockey you play, you need a good pair of quality hockey skates. Whether you play on the ice or on the street, a good pair of hockey skates is a requirement.

These skates aren't just your regular pair of ice skates either, these are skates designed to play rough, not do triple-axles. Hockey skates are made from molded plastic. They are durable because hockey players are very active with their feet and their skates take a beating. The best hockey skates are designed with synthetic leather. This is important because they give you the feel of leather, but they don't absorb cold water from the ice skating rink. Additionally, you'll want to look for hockey skates that utilize synthetic nylons for upper boot support.

The hockey skates used by the goalie are designed differently than the other players. The other players' skates are designed to avoid injuring an opponent during play, but the goalies' are not designed in quite the same fashion. These skates allow the goalie to move forward, backwards and sideways. Goalie hockey skates also allow the goalie to make faster moves on the ice.

Ankle stability is very important when selecting affordable hockey skates of any style. If your skates are unstable, you may have a hard time getting around the ice, making you prone to injury. Be sure to select hockey skates designed to support your ankle and provide additional ankle support features.

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